Brighter is Better

My motto when it comes to flashlights or torches is “Brighter is Better!” and if you ever have to leave the safety of your tent on a moonless night in the African bush, you will know what I mean!.

If you still have one of those clunky old torches that cast a dull yellow glow into the inky blackness and illuminates nothing, then it’s time to throw it out and enter the brilliant new world of LED.

Once again, you will be confronted by the overburden of choice and without some research, you will find it difficult to choose a model to suit your requirements.

Hopefully this is where I can assist with some advice on what I have found useful in this department, but first some basic terminology…


  • This is the new fangled light bulb. It’s a lot brighter than the old incandescent type, but it needs some quite sophisticated circuitry to control it’s basic functions. Cree is the buzzword when it comes to LEDs.




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