Holy Smoke

Stettyn 4x4 Trail
Stettyn 4×4 Trail

I was sad to see the old Landy go. She had served me well for nearly four years and I had become used to her little quirks….

The ‘clunk’ as I slowly let out the clutch, the musty smell of permanently damp carpets in the winter, the growing patch of oil in the parking garage at work and the belch of black smoke as she burst into life even on the coldest of mornings.

I had bought her in George when a low mileage 110 TDI was hard to come by. She was fitted with bullbar, extra fuel tank, a 40 litre water tank and just about every thing needed to make life comfortable out in the bush.

The water tank was a real boon, complete with one of those quaint little brass taps protruding from the rear bumper just above the exhaust. How easy it was now to fill the kettle, wash ones hands and brush one’s teeth….

I can still remember that cold winter morning – we had packed up camp and were just about ready to leave. Maria was performing her morning ablutions behind the vehicle and I was sitting behind the wheel itching to get going .

I absently mindedly turned the key and immediatly knew that it was a big mistake as the engine burst into life and I heard the muffled scream from behind, but as I reluctantly wound down the window, I was unprepared for the sight that greeted me…

A black woman, vaguely resembling my wife stood glaring at me through astonishingly white eyes and when she eventually spoke it certainly wasn’t in one of the 11 official languages!

Was she really frothing at the mouth or was that just toothpaste???

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