Field guides

Going on Safari?

The word Safari is synonymous with Africa, the ‘great outdoors’ and the wide variety of animals, birds, trees and plants, that you may come across as you travel through wild places.

If your destination is Southern Africa, you are no doubt going to come across much of the local fauna and flora and unless you are lucky enough to have a local guide with you 24/7, you probably won’t know what you are looking at.

Now of course, we all recognize a giraffe or an elephant and these will stick in our minds, but do we really want to go home and when our friends ask what else we saw, all we can tell them is,,, ” lots of antelope and birds?”…

Being able to identify a species and look it up is like reading somebody’s profile on Facebook. In other words – you can find out more about them and in my experience, animals and birds have far more secrets to reveal than your average Facebook friend!….

So – top of our list of ‘safari must haves’ is a field guide or guides allowing us to identify whatever it is that catches our interest, and find out all about it.

Birds of Southern Africa Pocket Guide (Pocket Guide Series) (The Pocket Guide)
Amazon Price: $6.15
List Price: $12.50

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