Over the years, I have purchase many camping and outdoor items hoping that they will make life easier or more comfortable when out in the bush. The choice is endless and it is very easy to be tempted into buying something that is not really necessary or totally impractical. Of course, it is up to each individual to decide what is necessary or not, but some guidance can be a great help before spending money unnecessarily.

My intention for this website, is to market a range of products which, I feel, are absolutely necessary for an African Safari whether you are driving a 4×4 and camping in wild places or whether you fly in to a luxury lodge or campsite.

I will try to explain why each product is necessary, advise on the pros and cons and provide a reasonable range to select from. Naturally, if you can buy an item which is better quality or cheaper at your local outdoor store, then obviously that’s where you should go, but please let me know if you think that my product range is not up to scratch or too pricey.

If you think there there is something that I have not thought of, then I would welcome your feedback in the comments section of the relevant page or contact me directly at