Scaring the Sheep

On a farm outside Sutherland, we shared a camp site with a flock of sheep. Somehow the sheep seemed to sense that we were from South Africa and appeared very relaxed around us. Over a few beers that evening, we got around to discussing the relationship between Australians and their sheep. Of course, this prompted a few jokes and much mirth and by the time we turned in, we had resolved to test just how much, the Australian influence had affected our local sheep.

By the next day, we had devised a cunning experiment to determine just how much fear could be instilled amongst a flock of sheep at the very mention of the ‘Oz’ word. We were planning to release our findings to an unsuspecting scientific community so, with camera rolling, we approached the flock!….

The results were totally unexpected although quite conclusive and I have chosen YouTube and this website as the ideal communications medium to release these results.

So watch and be amazed!….

(No sheep were harmed in the making of this video, but a few had to be treated for shock!)